£20 deposit can be made by pay pal to secure your date,please contact us on 01592 723115 or 07810325314 to check availability before doing so, cheques are also accepted..
Please print of and fill out your details when sending your deposit.
NAME ______________________________________________________________
ADDRESS ___________________________________________________________
TEL NO _____________________________________________________________
VENUE _____________________________________________________________
TEL NO ____________________________________________________________
EVENT DATE ___________________________
COLOUR SCHEME      _________________________________________________
ADDITIONAL INFO ___________________________________________________
PREMIER BUFFET                      £250.00
VINTAGE BUFFET                      £220.00
PARTY BUFFET                         £145.00
DELIVERY CHARGE                    £
TOTAL DUE                              £______
MINUS BOOKING DEPOSIT          £ 20.00
VALUE OUTSTANDING               £                  + £70 SECURITY DEPOSIT
£20 Non refundable deposit due at time of booking.  Balance is required in full, 4 weeks prior event date.  The Security Deposit is returnable once our equipment has been inspected for damage or loss.  All breakages and losses will be charged for.  The Security Deposit will be refunded within 7 days of the event.  Cancellation fee of £75 will apply if buffet cancelled within 8 weeks of event date.
I accept the above terms and conditions:
SIGNED ___________________________________   DATE _________________